Customers Love the VaseValet®... Florists Love the VaseValet®...

Dawson GrimsleyDawson Grimsley, Pres.
Davis-Moore Auto Group

"It is awesome. Most of the time I spill water all over the car's seat. With VaseValet®, it made it much easier to transport."

Dean's DesignsBrad White, Owner

Dean's Designs

"Customers are always pleased when I show them how VaseValet® solves their delivery problem."


More Florist's Testimonials:

J.R. Koontz Flowers, JR
"This product is great! It makes it too convenient. It definitely pays for itself with time saved looking for an old box to transport a beautiful bouquet. The presentation and the convenience I give my customers is worth every cent."

Brick Street Flower Co.,
"Our bridal bouquet designer thinks the VaseValet® is a real gift. It is wonderful how it brings ease to delivering bridal bouquets and transporting other floral designs for our customers."

Darrell's Flowers and Plants, Irene

"I purchased the VaseValet® at the FTD Convention and I just wanted to let you know that my customers are very happy to have this available to them. I offer the VaseValet® to the walk-in customers at a price of $ 3.00 with $ 2.00 refundable upon the return of the VaseValet® . On orders of $100.00 and up they are given free. So far they have not returned any, but they may be keeping them in the car for future use. Anyway I am glad I discovered them."

A Designer's Florist & Gifts,

"VaseValet® is a real treat for my customers. It solves transport problems for anything from a bud vase to a large container arrangement. The geometry of this item is perfect and the best unit on the market. It gives your customer a positive image of your store and they are always grateful that you have provided them an ideal solution to their transport problem. You can give your customer a pen or calendar to remember you, but the thoughtfulness of solving their transport problem will keep you in their minds forever. VaseValet® works great for us."

Cape Winds Florist
Mike & Debbie Downes

"We at Cape Winds Florist, in Cape May, NJ could not live without your product.   Our customers know we provide this product when they pick up their orders or when we deliver to a vacationing guest.

Some of our customers have chosen us for their orders because we provide these boxes and at no additional cost to the customer. Our customers like the reassuring feeling that their floral purchase will not be damaged in transit.

Thank you for such a great product! "

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